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Training Handouts

For School Teachers, Administrators and Students

Comprehensive Program to Eliminate Bullying, Promote Respect and Build Community

Information About and Dynamics of Bullying

Strategies to Eliminate Bullying, Promote Respect and Build Community within Schools

Strategies to Respond Effectively to Bullies

Strategies to Build Peace, Respect and Community within Your Classroom

Responsibilities of the Anti-Bullying and Peacemaking Patrol

Strategies Parents can use to Eliminate Bullying

Strategies to Work Effectively with Disruptive Students in School

Strategies to Achieve Cross-Cultural Understanding and Competence in Schools

Activities to Promote Cross-Cultural Understanding Among Students

Strategies to Help Boys Succeed Academically and Socially in School

Strategies to Help Girls Succeed in School

Strategies to Work Effectively with Students in Special Education

Strategies to Prevent Student Suicide

Strategies to Work With Students Who Have Experienced Poverty

Training Handouts for Nonprofit, Academic and Corporate Organizations

Differential Leadership Strategies

Highly Effective (Dolphin) Leaders

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Strategies to Work Effectively with Difficult People

Strategies to Promote Diversity and Achieve Cross-Cultural Understanding

Stages in the Development of Teamwork and Community

Strategies to Eliminate Stress and Achieve Renewal

Strategies for Effective Time Management

Strategies for Effective Customer Service

Creating Deep Organizational Change

Highly Effective Supervisors

Training on Clinical Topics

Keys to Effective Cross-Cultural Clinical Work

Questions to Effectively Address Cross-Cultural Clinical Issues

Keys to Effective Clinical Work with Men