Achieving Sell-Compassion

Achieving Self-Compassion

Achieving Self-Compassion

Giving Yourself the Gifts of Happiness and Inner Peace

About the Book, Achieving Self-Compassion: Giving Yourself the Gifts of Happiness and Inner Peace

Achieving Self-Compassion

I wrote the book “Achieving Self-Compassion: Giving Yourself the Gifts of Happiness and Inner Peace” to enable you to experience the happiness and peace that come from self-compassion.

I have developed and tested the strategies I discuss from my many years of experience as a therapist and my own quest to give myself the gift of self-compassion.

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Overview of Each Chapter:

Chapter 1 offers simple, yet vital strategies for enhancing self-compassion that you can start practicing today.
Chapter 2 explores commonly held beliefs that prevent you from living an effective life.
Chapter 3 reminds you of the fact that you are inherently worthy, regardless of how others perceive you or your faults.
Chapter 4 focuses on helping you understand the importance of not projecting your needs onto others.
Chapter 5 explains how a former client overcame her depression and low self-worth by learning how to be more self-compassionate.
Chapter 6 teaches you how you can choose the gifts of happiness and peace of mind, regardless of the challenges you face.
Chapter 7 outlines everything you need to know about taking great care of yourself.
Chapter 8 teaches you valuable lessons on how to get “out of your head” and tune into your deeper, more authentic self.
Chapter 9 shows you how you can eliminate negative reactions to difficult events.
Chapter 10 encourages you to appreciate what you have so you can live your life with a sense of fulfillment, rather than scarcity.
Chapter 11 highlights a variety of portals for you to learn and use to enjoy the wonders of the present moment.
Chapter 12 concentrates on how your self-compassion enables you to experience an abundance of positive energy and caring that you can pass on to others.
As you read this book, I encourage you to experiment with the strategies I discuss to see which ones work best for you.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences with self-compassion, as we can all benefit from each other’s lessons as we navigate our journeys together.

– Nate Terrell, LCSW


Read This Book as a Gift to Yourself!


This book, “Achieving Self-Compassion” is truly a treasure. Author Nate Terrell shares his wisdom with the reader in easily digestible pieces, making it an enjoyable, engaging and informative read! He writes with humility and authenticity, sharing experiences from his own life with his family and clients, and imbues his love into this book, so you feel wrapped up in his compassion. His “Try These Strategies Out for Size” sections at the end of each chapters are powerful guidelines to practice in our lives everyday. I cannot recommend this book highly enough! Thank you so much, Nate, for sharing this powerful book with us all! I will be returning to this book often to remind myself of these important lessons.

Valeria Teles

This is a Collection of Timeless Wisdom Meant to Speak to the Heart and Soul of Us All


Achieving Self-Compassion: Giving Yourself the Gifts of Happiness and Inner Peace is a healing tool. Nate’s work is a generous gift to those looking to love and understand themselves. The birthplace of healing is certainly self-compassion and this topic is explored in this book like no other.

This work is a collection of timeless wisdom meant to speak to the heart and soul of us all.

It was a joy to have had a conversation with Nate Terrell during a podcast interview! His presence reflected his commitment and mission to touch lives and his compassion was shown and felt long after that interview.


Such a Great Tool to Develop Self-Compassion


I had been meaning to read this book for two months so when I finally had a chance to start reading it one morning I could not put it down until finishing it at midnight. I thought it was an easy and excellent read that encompassed many parts of my life that I have been working on. Although I finished it quickly, I don’t think this book is meant to rush through with all the tools and techniques the author offered. It’s definitely something I plan to review multiple times and work on what is needed when needed. The author does an excellent job at covering many of the same issues we all face when we have a lack of compassion for ourself. My favorite is how he talks about his personal experiences overcoming life obstacles or gives examples to clarify. The book is a treasure full of gems. Thank you!

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