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"bhudda newIf your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete."


Nate Terrell, LCSW - Achieving Self-Compassion

I welcome you to this website and hope it helps you find greater happiness and inner peace through the wonders of self-compassion.  You certainly deserve it!  I also hope you "try out" the following portals into self-compassion to see which ones work best for you.

Nate Terrell, LCSW


  • Eliminating self-criticism

  • Being your own best friend

  • Developing effective beliefs

  • Knowing you are worthwhile

  • Not projecting your needs onto others

  • Choosing happiness and peace of mind

  • Taking great care of yourself

  • “Tuning into” your authentic self

  •  Eliminating negative reactions

  • Appreciating what you already have

  • Enjoying the present moment

  • Passing your compassion on to others

book coverI invite you to check out my book, Achieving Self-Compassion:  Giving Yourself the Gifts of Happiness and Inner Peace which was inspired by what I have learned from helping others to treat themselves with loving care and my own quest to become more self-compassionate.  I hope this book fills you with an abundance of positive energy, goodwill and serenity you can relish and pass on to others to help create a better world!





Review of Achieving Self-Compassion:

"Achieving Self-Compassion" is truly a treasure. Nate Terrell shares his wisdom with the reader in easily digestible pieces, making it an enjoyable, engaging and informative read! He writes with humility and authenticity, sharing experiences from his own life with his family and clients, and  imbues his love into this book, so you feel wrapped up in his compassion.  I cannot recommend this book highly enough! Thank you so much, Nate, for sharing this powerful book with us all! I will be returning to this book often to remind myself of these important lessons."

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Fortunately, we don't need to choose between being compassionate to ourselves and compassionate to others. We can do both at the same time and enjoy the rich fruits that both have to offer.”

— Quote from "Achieving Self-Compassion:
Giving Yourself the Gifts of Happiness and Inner Peace" by Nate Terrell, LCSW